Expression of Interest - Step 1

Financial Requirement

To apply a minimum of $500K net worth and $300K Liquidity

Personal Detail

First Name*
Last Name*
Date of Birth*
Email *
Mobile *
Phone Home
Phone Work
Address *
Suburb *
Postcode *


Are you employed YesNo
Are you self employed YesNo
Company *
Type of business*
Number of years
Have you had any experience in the fitness Industry YesNo
If yes, give details


Education level achieved*
Professional degrees or Qualifications
Membership of any professional or trades associations
Skills & Interests


Directorships held in the past five years
Company Name: ACN/ABN
Have you ever declared bankruptcy or reorganised due to insolvency, either as an Individual or Director of any company or Partner of any partnership? YesNo
Do you have any unpaid judgments against you? YesNo
Are you currently a party to any pending legal action? YesNo
Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanour? YesNo
If you answered YES to any of the above please provide details;
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